Bamboo Mini Hoop Earrings with Blue Chalcedony Drop

The Thistle & Bee Bamboo Mini Hoop Earrings with a Blue Chalcedony Drop make Bamboo Mini Hoop Earrings with Blue Chalcedony Dropwearing fashion jewelry fun, exciting and versatile. Featured in shiny sterling silver, the mini hoop earrings can also be worn without the blue chalcedony drop gemstone for a more casual style. The blue chalcedony cabochon gemstones expand on the trend of adding color to your appearance. Have you thought about wearing these earrings for your bridal jewelry?

DeNatale Jewelers, a New York City family jeweler for over 100 years, always seeks out bridal and fashion jewelry for value and quality. Trust DeNatale Jewelers for all your jewelry needs.

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